How safe is your coffee?

Espresso machine explosions are rare in the UK, but how many companies ensure the correct safety measures are put in place?


How safe is your coffee?

An explosion of an espresso machine in a British café may be a rare event but it has highlighted the suspicion that many catering companies do not ensure clear safety procedures are put in place. Hot Beverage Machine suppliers pointed out that the incident did more than reinforce what they always preached about maintenance and the legal requirements for hot beverage machines to undergo pressure-vessel inspections, tests, and certifications. It brought to the fore the suggestion that a vast number of hospitality businesses simply ignore the rules.

•  FACT – Many businesses are failing to properly examine their hot beverage machines, potentially leaving them open to prosecution

•  FACT – It is illegal to operate a Hot Beverage Machine Steam Boiler that does not comply with Health and Safety Executive regulations.

•  FACT – Cover to protect specified machinery against explosion and other sudden and unforeseen damage is NOT covered by a standard material damage policy.   This can be covered under a separate Engineering Policy.

•  FACT – Engineering Insurance can help users and owners of Hot Beverage Machines meet all of the stringent inspection regulations.

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