Why do we prefer to use Oldgate?

The ‘Close Link’ between Oldgate Finance and Weir Insurance is no secret and we like to be as transparent as possible with our clients.

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Why do we prefer to use Oldgate?

We set up our in house Finance Company, called Oldgate Finance Ltd in 2000.

We did this becasue we wanted to have greater control over our client’s payments and be able to offer more flexibility to those customers wanting to spread the cost of their insurances and pay by Direct Debit. This ‘Close Link’ between Oldgate Finance and Weir Insurance is no secret and we like to be as transparent as possible with our clients, becasue we almost ALWAYS recommend that they use Oldgate Finance over other forms of finance, including bank loans, Insurance Comany direct debits, or specialist credit finance houses.

Here are our top 6 reasons for using our finance company

Communication all under one roof. Oldgate Finance operate from the same building as Weir Insurance and we are immediately made aware of any issues or problems with your payments. This means your insurance isn’t automatically cancelled as other providers might do.

Flexible Debt Management . If you have payment issues, we can work with you. Other providers often just send a 7 day cancellation letter before automatically cancelling your policy without any negotiating.

Rates to suit your pocket. Other insurance premium finance companies and Insurers are very prescriptive in their payment terms. Oldgate Finance can offer a variety of payment options with adjusted interest rates depending on how long you want to take to pay the money back. Oldgate Finance will also  refund a portion of the interest if you settle the loan early.

There are no loan arrangement fees, unlike many other money lenders.

Prompt Direct Debit Set up. Oldgate Finance can set up a direct debit within days unlike other finance companies. This means that you pay what you owe when you owe it and don’t end up in an arrears situation, owing ‘back payments’ through no fault of your own. There is no need to complete a form every year even if insurer changes. We make it very easy to change bank details and we don’t make any charge to do this.

One Monthly Bill. Oldgate Finance are more than happy to allow you to combine other insurance premiums onto one direct debit, and even mix business and personal insurance premiums. This avoids need to set up lots of DDs with your bank, and we will always give you a full statement breakdown.