Storm, Fire, Flood, Burst Pipe – hear from Robbie Peel on the subject

Weir Insurance hears from MADE Surveying & Architectural’s Robbie Peel on how an independent surveyor can benefit your insurance claim in a worst-case scenario…

Robbie Peel

Storm, Fire, Flood, Burst Pipe – hear from Robbie Peel on the subject

Weir Insurance hears from MADE Surveying & Architectural’s Robbie Peel on how an independent surveyor can benefit your insurance claim in a worst-case scenario…

As the bad weather starts to bite, have you considered what would happen if the worst-case scenario occurred for real?  From a simple burst water pipe to the devastating floods that have been experienced in recent years, the damage can be huge and very upsetting.

That’s where an independent building surveyor can help.

In our experience, what is most frustrating for a home owner in times of stress caused by an insurable loss, is not knowing what is happening with the works on their property.  More often than not, the policyholder – you – is steered in a direction towards services or subsidiaries of your insurance company. The work is often referred to an in-house team of surveyors.

An in-house surveyor is appointed to act on behalf of a policy holder, and they will assess, specify and tender the works to their ‘approved’ contractors.  This can often hold up the work being done. What many people don’t know is that if you have suffered an insurable loss to your building, you are entitled to appoint your own independent building surveyor who has you and your buildings interests as their primary concern.  What is also not widely known is that the cost of having an independent surveyor is covered by your insurance company and, invariably, the overall cost of the work and the cost of your independent surveyor is often lower than using the insurance company’s contractors.

If you choose to use an independent chartered building surveyor you will likely benefit from the following:

  • Independent advice and management of your insurance claim
  • Most insurers will cinclude the Surveyors’ fees as part of the cost of your claim
  • Surveyor can appoint a suitable and competent independent building contractor, rather than the insurance company’s ‘preferred’ supplier
  • Surveyor has your claim as their primary concern
  • Peace of mind that the repair works to your property have been specified and overseen by a qualified construction professional
  • Overall claim spend is often lower

MADE Surveying & Architectural have vast experience in dealing with the reinstatement of building insurance claims. We understand how the process works at all stages. Robbie Peel BSc (Hons) MRICS, Director of MADE Surveying & Architectural Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne, gives an insight into how the reinstatement process works….

“I previously worked for a surveying practice which was appointed by large insurance companies to manage their large loss insurance claims.  I oversaw the reinstatement of flood damage, fire damage, impact damage, escape of water damage and storm damage to residential property and commercial property.  This included the floods in Yorkshire, Northumberland and Cumbria over the past 10-12 years as well as storm damage north of the border in 2012, and the cold freeze of 2010-2011, where properties in Northern England and Scotland suffered from burst pipes resulting in devastating damage.

At any one time, I project managed in excess of 25 insurance reinstatement projects on behalf of insurers. This could have been in Yorkshire or Inverness.  A building surveyor’s role involves assessment and reporting on the initial damage before preparation of a schedule of repair works. Tender documentation is compiled before overseeing a competitive tender process using approved building contractors.  We would then execute the work and implement a building contract through to completion and handover back to the homeowner.”

Since setting up MADE in 2015, it has become clear dealing with insurance reinstatement claims as an independent surveying company is a lot different to acting as one appointed directly by the insurer.  The claims are easier to execute without the constraints of a corporate enterprise pulling the strings.

In the projects where we have been appointed as independent surveyors, we have been able to appoint experienced and vetted local approved contractors who have performed to a high standard to the benefit of the homeowner.


For anyone who is unfortunate enough to suffer from building damage caused by a general peril, we recommend appointing an independent Chartered Building Surveyor such as MADE Surveying & Architectural Ltd to oversee the reinstatement works.  The cost for our services is covered by your insurance policy in most instances.  Our appointed qualified construction professional aims to bring you peace of mind who will take the process from start to completion, allowing you to continue with your day to day activities.

Should you wish to speak to MADE about an insurance claim, please contact them directly on 0191 271 8278.