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Global demand for electricity combined with the desire to reduce CO2 emissions has increased interest in renewable energy technologies. With government targets in the UK of 15% energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020, investment in this sector is set to rise. These developing technologies bring with them the need for specialist insurance solutions.

While wind power as an energy source receives a great deal of attention, it also brings a complicated combination of risks, both financial and commercial. Manufacturers, developers, contractors, designers, operators and investors all need take the risks into account to ensure that you have an ample risk management plan for this ever-changing territory.

This is why Weir Insurance are always researching the UK insurance market to select the right insurance covers to protect renewable investments.

Estimating Your Risk

Wind turbines are a sizable investment with the potential for huge losses. To sufficiently protect your investment, you must identify the unique sets of risks you will face during every phase, including contracting, construction and ongoing operations. You must first determine the feasibility of the project, weighing construction and technology, payment, operation, maintenance, financial, political and sponsorship risks against financial projections and potential revenue stream. A practical plan of grid interconnection, dispatch, wheeling and sale of wind power requires a substantial amount of cooperation on both small and large scales. Realistically estimating your risk when becoming involved in a wind project will allow you to mitigate it and successfully protect your investment.


An example of a Policy which we sell would be:

Micro Wind Operational Insurance

What is covered?

Section A - The wind turbine generator unit(s) and any mechanical and electrical equipment used solely in the operation of wind turbine generator units including: tower, foundations, substation and distribution transformers, wiring, anemometers, buildings and generator housings.

Section B – Business interruption - loss of gross revenue and increase in cost of working following insured loss or damage under Section A.

What cover does the policy provide?

  • Material damage and machinery breakdown to insured property.
  • Business interruption in the form of loss of gross revenue following material damage and/or machinery breakdown to insured property and increase in the cost of working / additional expenditure necessarily and reasonably incurred in order to minimise the impact on the business of the material damage /machinery breakdown.
  • Debris removal costs
  • Professional / consulting engineer fees necessarily incurred in the investigation into repairs
  • Expediting costs for temporary repairs or expediting permanent repair.
  • Costs incurred in taking exceptional measures to prevent or mitigate impending loss, destruction or damage.
  • Professional accountancy fees incurred in order to produce information required by the company in respect of a business interruption claim.

Where does cover apply?

Cover applies at the location specified in the policy schedule and ….

  • whilst in transit (other than by sea or air) including loading, unloading, storage or deviation en route between the location noted in the policy schedule and any other site for the purposes of repair, modification, reinstatement or replacement.
  • Repair, reinstatement or replacement on another site to suit the requirements of the insured.


  • Wear and tear and gradually developing defects, although resultant loss is not excluded.
  • Loss or damage due to an intentional act, overloading, imposition of abnormal conditions or wilful omission by you.
  • Deductible / loss occurring during the time deductible specified in the policy schedule.
  • Loss or damage caused by theft, infidelity, dishonesty or fraud by the insured’s employees.
  • Loss or damage to any electronic data, programs or software other than where fire, lightning, explosion or collapse results from loss or damage to electronic data and causes physical damage to insured property.
  • Loss or damage due to acts of terrorism.
  • Loss or damage caused by acts of war.
  • Loss or damage caused by Nuclear / Radioactive contamination.
  • Loss or damage or any other expense caused by seepage, pollution or contamination unless caused by a sudden and unexpected event.
  • Loss or damage caused by or resulting from or relating to mould, toxic mould, mildew, fungus, spores or other micro organisms.
  • Normal upkeep and maintenance of insured property.
  • Cessation of operation – loss destruction or damage where the business ceases for a continuous period of 30 days or more.
  • Loss, destruction or damage during sea or air transit or whilst offshore.
  • Cost of improvements or overhauls following insured damage.
  • Loss destruction or damage caused by lightning or over voltage unless insured property is fitted with zone protection in accordance with IEC 61024 and DIN VDE 0185 or as agreed by the company.
  • Costs associated with defects of materials or workmanship, design, plan or specification.
  • Loss destruction or damage resulting from a defect where a similar defect exists in any other item of insured property.
  • Loss, destruction or damage recoverable under any guaranty, warranty or maintenance contract.
  • Natural settling, shrinkage or expansions in foundations, walls, floors or ceilings, although resultant damage is not excluded.
  • Unaccountable losses which are only discovered at times of checks or inventories and which cannot be attributed to an identifiable occurrence.
  • Consequential losses not specifically covered by the policy including but not limited to penalties for delays or non completion of orders, fines, liquidated damages, guarantees of performance or loss of contracts
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Wind Farms

Wind farms are complex operations that can be very expensive to set up and run – particularly if something goes wrong. Protect yourself financial risk with a Wind Farms Insurance policy and rest easy knowing that your wind turbines are covered, both on and off site