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Wind Farms

Wind Farms

Wind farms are becoming an increasingly common and effective way of generating power. Wind turbines are large and complex and so too are their insurance needs. Constructing a new wind farm or erecting a new wind turbine is a difficult operation, one which has the potential for huge losses should something go wrong. A Wind Farms Insurance policy arranged by Weir Insurance can help protect you from financial ruin by covering the risks typically associated with wind farm construction and maintenance.

Wind Farm Insurance typically covers both the wind turbines themselves as well as the potential business interruption incurred in a claims situation. Cover provided includes:


  • Material damage and machinery breakdown
  • Debris removal costs
  • Professional consultation/engineering fees with regards to repairs
  • Expediting costs for temporary or permanent repairs
  • Costs incurred in taking exception measures to prevent impending loss, damage or destruction
  • Professional accountancy fees incurred in producing a business interruption claim


This protection can apply not only for the location specified in the policy but also during transit or repair at another site. In other words, if your wind turbines are compromised even while off-site, they will still be covered by your policy.

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Wind Farms

Wind farms are complex operations that can be very expensive to set up and run – particularly if something goes wrong. Protect yourself financial risk with a Wind Farms Insurance policy and rest easy knowing that your wind turbines are covered, both on and off site