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Have a look through the covers which you may require for your business, and give us a call to discuss or to get further information;

Public and Products Liability

Depending on the size and location of your establishment, you could see hundreds of customers each day.   What happens if one of them falls and injures themself on your floor or claims that they got food poisoning because your food was not cooked properly?   Fortunately, if you have purchased Public Liability Insurance, you will be covered and provided with compensation to pay for their  legal costs, medical bills or any other damages they may claim.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

While some employers lease their buildings, others are able to purchase the property with their own money.   If you have put your sweat, tears and investments into your establishment, you may want to consider Buildings Cover that will protect your property against Floods, Fire or Subsidence.   Along these lines, if you have invested in the fittings within your Restaurant, you may want to purchase Contents Insurance to cover the cost of repairing or replacing items.   Stock cover is also available to compensate you if your food, beverages or other perishables or contents are stolen or destroyed.

Employers Liability

You have Chefs, Greeters and Waiters/Waitresses  all working under you to ensure that your Restaurant runs smoothly.   As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe, clean and healthy working environment for your employees.   Legally all employers must have at least £5 million in Employer’s Liability Insurance. Your policy will protect you for incidents such as if an employee slips and falls. 

Business Interruption Insurance

If your Restaurant has to close due to an insured peril, many of your operating expenses, such as your lease and franchise fees, continue regardless of whether your Restaurant is open for business.   Business Interruption Insurance provides funds which will  pay those expenses.

Shop front cover

If you own a Restaurant, you may wish to insure the front of your premises.  This insurance covers things like windows, awnings and signs.

Stock cover

If you keep stock on your premises, it is sensible to insure it separately from your Contents Insurance.   The value of stock can run to thousands or tens of thousands of pounds - so if damaged, destroyed or stolen, this loss could take a major financial toll on your business.  By taking out Stock Cover you can insure against this loss and be covered for the cost of replacements.

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Restaurants & Takeaways

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