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Beauty Insurance with Weir Insurance Brokers

Beauty Schemes

Our specialist beauty insurance scheme allows us to provide cover for beauticians and business people across the UK and be arranged for a wide range of beauty treatments.


Kairos Counselling
Quantum Touch Healing
Reiki Block Clearance Therapy
Radiance Technique Shen Therapy
Laughter therapy Acupressure
Hypnotherapy (Hypnotherapy exclusion applies) Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy
Indian Head Massage Angelic Reiki
Alexander Technique Integrated Energy Therapy
Allergy Testing Integrative Medicine
Angel Therapy Iridology
Animal Essential Oil Therapy Kinesiology
Animal Therapy Kinesis Myofascial Integration
Aura-Soma Kinetic Energy
Autogenic Therapy Kirlian / Bio Electrographic
Aromatherapy Life Coaching
Art Therapy Light Touch Therapy
Assemblage Point Shifting Lightning Process practitioners
Astrology Magnet Therapy
Aura-Soma Mahayana Chi
Auricular Therapy (Non-invasive, without needles) Manual Lymph Drainage Category 1 & 2
Autogenic Therapy Massage (including deep tissue)
Baby Massage Ministers, Officients, Intuitives and Mediums
Bach Remedies Bi Aura
Meditation & Psychic Awareness Meditation & Mind Instruction
Bicom & Bioresonance Biodynamic  Psychotherapy
Mediumship Metamorphic Technique
Biodynamic Massage Music Therapy
Bio Field Naturopathy (Live blood analysis Class 3)
Bio Kinetics Neuro Linguistic Programming
Bio Magnetic Therapy Neuroflexology
Body Harmony Nutrition Therapy (Cooking/Demonstrations addition Class 3)
Bowen Phytobiophysics
Breathing Therapy / Breathing Massage Pilates (including Gyrotonics)
Chi Kung Polarity Therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy Provocative Therapy
Cognitive Therapy Psycho-Somatic Treatments
Colour Therapy Psychology
Corporate Coaching (to be referred if sub-contracting) Psychology of Vision and Oneness
Cranio Sacral Therapy Psychotherapy (including Jungian Analysts)
Creative Writing Psych-K
Crystal Therapy Psychosexual Counselling
Draining-Psycho-Postural Treatment Qi Gong
DORN Method Radionics
Dowsing for Stress Release Reconnective Healing
Dream Analysis Reflexology
Educational Kinesiology Reflex Zone Therapy
Electro Acupressure Reichian Therapy
Electro Crystal Therapy / Electro Gem Therapy Relaxation Therapy
E Lybra Remedial Therapy
EMDR Rhythmical Massage Therapy
Emotional Freedom Sexology
Emo Trance Sexual and Marital Therapy
Energy Balancing Sexual Psychology
Energy Field Therapy Shamanism
Energy Interference Patterning Shiatsu
Energy Release Systems (Jin Shin) Jyutsu Social Care
Enneagram Sociology
Em Power Therapy Spiritual Psychotherapy
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Sports Massage  
Facial Threading Sports Injury Therapy
Feldenkrais Method Tai Chi (Non Combat)
Feng Shui Tellington Touch
Flower Essences Thai Massage (Gentle Techniques Only)
Grinberg Method The Form Reality Practice
Health & Personal Development Thought Field Therapy
Hearing Therapy Time Line Therapy
Herbalism Touch for Health
Holistic Retuning Vegetotherapy
Holistic Education Therapy Vibrational Medicine
Holographic Re-patterning Visualisation
Homoeopathy Vitamin & Mineral Therapy
Hopi Ear Candling Yoga
Human Givens Zero Balancing
Hydrotherapy Zoopharmacognosy
Hydrotherm Massage Hypnobirthing
5 Rhythms Dance and Movement Moxibustion/Cupping
Acupuncture MSAS Professional
Aqua Detox Naturopathy (including acupuncture)
Asyra System Neuro-Developmental Therapy
Aura Photography NES (Nutri-Energetics Systems) and Infoceuticals
Auricular acupuncture Nutrition Advice & Cookery Demonstrations/Classes
Beauty Therapy – Standard Therapies Orthotics
Best System Ozone & UVB
Biological Terrain Assessment Phlebotomy
Biofeedback Play Therapy
Carers/Supports Workers Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy
Chi Machine Quantum QXCI
Dakini Dance Rolfing
Doula Skenar Therapy
Drama Therapy Solegrity Therapy
Dry Needling Electro Acupuncture (no needles)
Spinal Touch Electro Magnetic Acupuncture
Thai Massage Electro-Stimulation Therapy
Tui Na – Excluding Chinese Herbal Therapies Ultrasound
Electrotherapy Vega Testing
Finger Tip Blood Testing Microdermabrasion
Flotation Mora Therapy
F-Scan NeuroMuscular Therapy
Galvanic Skin Therapy PAMM Machine
LHE – Light Heat Energy Physiotherapy
Live Blood Microscopy Spinal Therapy
Low level Laser Therapy Tui Na – Including Manipulation and Chinese Herbal Therapies
Manual Lymph Drainage Category 3 Medau Rhythmic Movement
Manipulative Therapy (excluding HVT) Spinology
Mesotherapy (Non-Invasive) Mezieres Method
Visceral Therapy Movement Therapy
IPL (Must be a qualified Beauty Therapist – level 2) Moxibustion/Cupping
Chiropractic Ayurveda 
Animal Manual Therapy Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chiropody Chinese Dynamics
Colonic Irrigation Derma Needling
Homeopathic Mesotherapy (Invasive/injections with Homeopathy and refer each case) Hijama-See endorsement
Holistic Bodywork Therapist Homotoxicology
Oxidative Stress Testing Lower Limb Biomechanics
Manipulative Therapy (including HVT) Mace Method
Micropigmentation Local & Whole Body Hyperthermia


The therapies fall into different categories depending on the risk of the therapy. You can add as many therapies to the policy as you like, providing you hold a suitable qualification. If you do different therapies in different categories you will only need to pay the highest category rate. This will then include all the lower risk therapies.

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Why should I get it from you?

I deal with Laura and she is very good and professional – dealing with our fleet and business insurance as well as our home contents and caravan

J Nicholson

Beauty Schemes

If you’re a practicing beautician or complimentary therapist, we could provide you with the insurance you need to practice your business free of risk. Our Beauty Scheme Insurance can provide cover for homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga and much, much more.