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Public Liability

Public Liability

Just as your business is liable for the safety of its employees, it is also liable for the safety of members of the general public. If they suffer harm, be it physically of financially, while at your place of business, then they are able to take legal action – and your business could be left picking up the bill.

While public liability most obviously applies to businesses like shops and restaurants who depend upon the presence of the general public, public liability can affect businesses in less obvious ways. Mobile tradesmen like a plumbers or hairdressers are liable if they (or their equipment) accidently injures someone on location and offices are liable for anyone who visits their premises, even friends or family. 

Unwanted legal fees can quickly add up, even if a claim against you is found to be false, and as there is a growing industry dedicated to helping aggrieved members of the public seek damages from neglectful companies, your business should be prepared. While it’s wise to take all the relevant safety precautions to ensure accidents don’t happen, it’s equally wise to have effective Public Liability Insurance in place for when they inevitably do.

A typical Public Liability Insurance policy includes cover for:

  • Injury to any person
  • Loss or damage to material property
  • Obstruction trespass nuisance or interference with any right of way, light, air or water
  • Wrongful arrest detention imprisonment or eviction to any person

To find out more about Public Liability Insurance click ‘full details’, or get in touch today for expert advice from one of your friendly and experienced team – Weir here to help!

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Public Liability

Most businesses take health and safety extremely seriously but even the safest businesses can face legal action if a customer or visitor is involved in an accident. Make sure your business is protected with Public Liability Insurance from Weir Insurance.