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Key Man

Key Man

If your business operations are reliant upon the contributions of key individuals, Key Man Insurance from Weir Insurance could prove essential. A manager who runs day-to-day business, an employee with extremely specialist knowledge or an individual who provides crucial financial backing might all keep your business flowing – but if something were to happen to them, you could suddenly find your business being unable to operate.

Every business has people it couldn’t be without and if they are truly essential to the successful running of your operation, Key Person Insurance could offset the financial loss that could arise if they were to fall ill or die.

Key Man Insurance is essentially life insurance for key persons within a business, and pays out a lump sum that could prove a vital lifeline to your business if you’re forced to part with someone invaluable. The proceeds from this ‘business life insurance’ policy can then be used to replace lost profits or to find and hire a suitable replacement.

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Key Man

Many businesses feature someone whose presence is absolutely critical to remaining operational. Key Man Insurance helps ensure that if something happens to them, you can still go about business as usual.