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Employers Liability

Employers Liability

Sometimes workplace accidents happen and although they can often seem beyond your control, if an employee has an accident which could have been avoided if you have provided better safety or taken different action, your business could be deemed responsible – and face paying thousands of pounds in legal fees and compensation.

In most cases, if your business has employees, Employers’ Liability Insurance is not simply a recommended precaution – it’s a legal requirement. As your employees are entitled to compensation should you be deemed responsible for death injury or illness contracted while at work, it is only fitting that you possess effective Employers’ Liability Insurance that protects you should a workplace accident occur. But not only does Employers’ Liability Insurance protect you if you face legal action from employees, it also protects you from receiving costly fines of up to £2,500 a day if you employ someone without the correct cover.

As well as preventing fines and providing vital cover for legal fees and compensation due, Employer’s Liability Insurance can include compensation for business and productivity lost while attending court and free cover for temporary workers.

To see if your business requires Employers’ Liability Insurance, or to get a free quote, get in touch with Weir Insurance today.

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Employers Liability

No matter how much effort you put into avoiding workplace accidents, you still need to be covered for when they do occur. Employer’s Liability Insurance protects your business in case of employee accident, and is truly essential cover.