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Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers

The directors and officers of a business not only have a great deal of responsibility, but are usually its most visible members.  As a result of this, it is increasingly common for allegations and legal action to be brought directly against the directors or officers of a business, rather than against the business as a whole. Any allegation of wrongdoing needs to be investigated and defended, and this can cost a significant amount – even if the case doesn’t reach court.

This means that should an employee, shareholder or customer feel aggrieved, they can bring action against individuals and if you are a director or officer, this could put your personal finances at risk.

This is where Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance comes in. D&O insurance covers the costs associated with the defence of an allegation of a wrongful act, taking away the financial risk faced by directors and officers by giving them protection should an allegation be made against them.

Cover can include:


  • Breach of Trust
  • Breach of Duty
  • Corporate Negligence
  • Error or Omissions
  • Misleading Information and Statements
  • Wrongful Trading
  • Damages and Legal Costs


As a director or officer, you can be protected with Directors & Officers insurance from Weir Insurance. Get in touch with our dedicated team for more information.

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Directors & Officers

Even if your company has a limited status, its senior staff can face personal liability. If you’re a director or officer, Directors & Officers insurance can protect you and help keep you out of the firing line.