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Contractors All Risks

Contractors All Risks

Working as a contractor or freelancer brings with it unique risks, many of which are not covered by standard insurance policies. As a contractor, you are responsible for any equipment or plant that you might be using to complete a project and insuring these items permanently could be expensive and impractical – especially if you don’t own them.

Contractors All Risk Insurance is used to protect the equipment you use while you work, as well as covering what it is you are working on. Often known as Contract Works Insurance or Construction Insurance, A Contractors All Risk Policy from Weir Insurance can cover you for the period of your contract, ensuring that anything you might use, or construct, during this period is insured. This means that if equipment or plant you are using is stolen, or a project you are working on is destroyed due to adverse weather, your pockets will remain protected.

The range of cover provided by Contractors All Risk Insurance can vary greatly as it can be used to cover contract projects of most sizes and durations. For more information about Contractors All Risk Insurance click ‘Full Details’ or if you’d rather have a chat with one of our friendly experts, pick up the phone or send us an email today.

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I didn’t realise that you did home insurance until Linda mentioned it a few months ago and her prices and service are first class

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Contractors All Risks

If you work as a contractor, you face a range of unique risks which require specialist insurance. Contractors All Risk Insurance from Weir Insurance can cover a variety of contractor and construction risks under one handy policy.