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Commercial Loss Recovery

Commercial Loss Recovery


What is Commercial Loss Recovery Policy

Loss Recovery Insurance, for businesses is an insurance policy which provides you with unlimited advice from a loss adjuster, to help you prepare, negotiate and settle your material damage or business interruption claim.

The Loss Adjusters working under the Commercial Loss Recovery Policy act independently of your insurance company, and aim to help you achieve the fairest and fastest settlement possible under your insurance cover.

Why would you consider a Commercial Loss Recovery Policy?

Recently, commercial insurance claims have become increasingly complex and time consuming. Commercial Loss Recovery Insurance provides you with a Loss Adjuster to help remove the burden of spending countless hours preparing your claim.


If your insurance claim is for more than £5,000  – within the terms and conditions of the Insurance Policy you are claiming from – then a Commercial Loss Recovery Policy can benefit you.  It provides you with advice from a loss adjuster, who will work with you throughout the duration of the claim.

A Commercial Loss Recovery Policy gives you an expert who works for you, and who will deal directly with your insurer on your behalf, removing the hassle of you having to prepare and negotiate your claim.

A Loss Adjuster under a Commercial Loss Recovery Policy, can also provide extra services such as, practical advice about things you can do to reduce the impact of a loss or to organise quotes to start remedial work or replace damaged goods.

A Commercial Loss Recovery Policy applies to material damage or business interruption claims and are subject to certain exclusions and conditions, full details of which can be provided on request.

Summary of Key Features and Exclusions

Key Features

Telephone advice and assistance for all claims

Personal visits on all major losses

Cover for both material damage and business interruption claims

Arranging interim payments from Insurers where necessary

Arranging temporary premises and equipment to enable trade to continue

Preparation of a fully valued inventory for all items damaged or stolen

The specialists attend all meetings and handle all correspondence with Insurers

Co-ordination of builders, surveyors, decorators, etc.

Working in conjunction with your own accountants to formulate any loss of profits claim

Negotiation of the best possible settlement(s) to which you are entitled

Key Exclusions

Claims under the policy excess or £5k

Personal injury claims

Liability claims (Public, Product or Employee)

Motor, Aviation and Marine (Vessel) Claims

Subsidence, Landslip or Heave claims

Losses incurred outside mainland UK

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Why should I get it from you?

A very professional firm plus nice people who are honest

A Giles

Commercial Loss Recovery

If your company suffers from material damage or business interruption, making a claim can be a daunting task. Commercial Loss Recovery Insurance provides you with unlimited advice from an independent loss adjuster, to help you achieve a fast and fair settlement.