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Commercial Legal Expenses

Commercial Legal Expenses

Engaging in legal action, either as a plaintiff or a defendant, can be an extremely taxing process, both in terms of the time and energy it requires but also in terms of the financial implications it can have for your business. Defending against, or pursuing, legal action does not come cheaply. With professional legal costs often costing anywhere from £150 - £400 per hour, even a successful legal battle could prove financially crippling for your company.

While liability insurance such as Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance help protect your business in certain situations such as trespassing, accidental injury to third parties, and false arrest, Commercial Legal Expenses cover offers a far greater range of cover and is essential in protecting your wallet if your business needs to instigate legal action of its own.

In addition to legal defence costs, 24 hour legal advice from experienced solicitors and access to in-house experts who will help you resolve consumer or employment disputes without going to court, Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance can cover costs incurred in protecting or pursuing your legal rights arising out of:


  • Property disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Bodily injury or any director or employee
  • HM Customs and Revenue tax investigations
  • Statutory license disputes

This means that your business is covered in its defence of a variety of legal disputes and has access to professional legal assistance should you require it. Crucially, you also have the reassurance of knowing that if your company fails in a civil action and the opponents costs are awarded against you, your insurance can provide indemnity for these additional costs. This enables your business to protect its interests by pursuing legal action when the costs might have otherwise prohibited such action. 

To find out more about Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance, contact us to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable insurance experts.

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Commercial Legal Expenses

Legal expenses do not come cheap and unexpected legal action could financially cripple your business. A Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance policy enables your business to protect itself should it face legal action, or should you need to pursue legal action yourself.