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Wedding Insurance can usually be purchased by the couple or by a person paying for the wedding and is a great way to protect the happy couple from misery if something goes wrong on the big day. 

Wedding Insurance can be tailored to suit the size and requirements of your wedding but typically includes property and contractual cover and liability cover, as well as cover for if your wedding is cancelled or rearranged. 

Included property and contractual cover generally covers loss or damage to wedding attire, wedding gifts, rings and cake along with failure of wedding transport, photographs and more. Liability cover meanwhile covers the wedding couple in case of accident or injury, usually for 24 hours before and after the wedding.

As well as covering loss, damage and contractual failure on the big day, cancellation and rearrangement of the wedding can also be covered for the following circumstances:

  • Death, illness or injury of one of the couple, both of the couple or a close relative
  • Outbreak of contagious disease at the wedding or reception venue
  • Damage to the wedding venue
  • Overseas posting for armed services for one of the couple
  • Inability to reach the wedding or reception venue due to adverse weather
  • Non-appearance of a key supplier or authorised registrar

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Insurance might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to planning a wedding, but weddings can be expensive and there’s a lot at risk if something goes wrong. A Wedding Insurance policy can ensure that you’re protected if you have a hitch while getting hitched