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Whether you’re a serious rider or an amateur hacker, if you own a horse it’s important that you are fully insured. Horses encounter a range of risks, so it is crucial that you and your horse are protected with cover that matches your requirements.

If your horse is a pet, you’ll want to make sure it is insured against things like theft, death and vet fees but there other things to consider. Public liability insurance will protect you if your horse is deemed to have harmed another (or damaged their property) and is especially important if the public come into contact with your horse, or if you ride in public places. And if your horse participates in equestrian competitions or races, there are other things you may want to make sure are covered, including horse passports and loss of entry fees.

Weir Insurance can provide Horse Insurance a wide range of covers, including:

  • All risk mortality
  • Theft
  • Public liability
  • Horse passports
  • Vet fees cover
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of entry fees
  • Stable loss
  • Trailers & horse drawn vehicles
  • Breakdown & roadside assistance

For a Horse Insurance policy that meets your needs, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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No two horses are the same but whether your horse enters competitions, races or is simply a pet, you’ll want to make sure it’s fully insured. A Horse Insurance policy can cover you for theft, death, liability, loss of use and more