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Home Contents

Home contents is also called 'household contents' insurance. There is no industry standard definition of 'contents' but the following is typical of what you might find in a policy:

'Household goods and personal possessions belonging to the insured or a member of their household, or for which the insured or a member of their household is legally responsible.'

The term 'household' is used to mean the insured, their spouse or partner, domestic staff and any relatives living permanently with them at the property.

Broadly, you can think of contents as property that you would take with you when you move house, so a TV and carpet are classed as contents, but a bathroom suite would be part of the building.

The other two items in the list are certainly 'portable', but they would fall under the heading of 'specific exclusions' as explained on the next screen.


A home contents policy will specifically exclude certain types of property. For example, none of the following are covered

  • motor vehicles, motor cycles, caravans, trailers, boats, aircraft and their accessories while in use
  • livestock and pets
  • property held primarily for business purposes
  • securities, certificates and documents
  • property that is more specifically insured.

The intention here is to exclude property that is more appropriately insured under a separate policy, or an extension to the basic contents policy.

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Home Contents

The effects of theft or a fire in your home can be devastating. While some things can never truly be replaced, Home Contents Insurance protects your possessions, taking the expense out of replacing them if they are damaged or stolen