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Boat / Marine

Boat / Marine

A boat can be expensive as it is but the costs quickly escalate if you are the victim of theft or damage, or have an accident while on the water. In these situations, a Boat/Marine Insurance policy can be vital give you the peace of mind and keep you afloat if you suffer a disaster.

Owning a boat comes with a lot of risk. As well as more common place risks such as theft, theft of property and accidental damage, you are susceptible to unique risks like damage to your vessel/persons and to third parties by running aground or having a collision, as well as the dangers presented to yourself and others by being on water.

A typical policy arranged by Weir Insurance can include cover for:

  • Property loss and/or damage covering the vessel and the contents thereof
  • Reasonable costs of recovering a vessel or preventing pollution following physical loss or damage to the vessel
  • Third party liability cover including death or injury to anyone travelling on or getting on or off the vessel, along with damage to other people’s property
  • Personal accident benefits covering anyone on board the vessel (except employees)

To discuss a Boat/Marine insurance policy with one of our friendly brokers, simply give us a call or email – Weir here to help.

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Boat / Marine

Owning a boat is a dream for a lot of people but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re not insured. A Boat/Marine Insurance policy can cover you so you’re not left all at sea in case of damage or injury