Getting back on the road: Returning to work as a Driving Instructor

Getting back on the road: Returning to work as a Driving Instructor

The Government has recently announced that driving lessons will resume from the 4th July along with many other businesses across England. Prior to this, all driving lessons had been put on hold over lockdown unless they were for key workers.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will shortly be writing to driving instructors in order to set out the measures they need to take in order to keep both themselves and their clients safe. 

This ruling will apply to those taking driving lessons on motorcycles, cars, lorries and buses.

House of Commons leader, Jacob Rees-Mogg has confirmed that there will be a phased approach to resume practical testing but aims to help instructors “return to life that is as close to normal as possible, as quickly and fairly as possible”.

What to expect
While the full set of guidance will be released to instructors prior to the 4th July, the AA driving school has already issued some advice surrounding what instructors can do to stay safe, giving an indication of the type of measures that can be expected going forwards.

These include:

  • Thoroughly cleaning vehicles before and after each lesson
  • Wearing face masks and disposable gloves – changed each lesson
  • Keep windows open during lessons
  • Wear clothes that cover arms and legs
  • Ensure pupils wash hands before each lesson and wear a face mask

Will the demand be there?
While some driving instructors may be concerned that people will be wary about taking driving lessons with the risks they currently carry, it seems that there is still a high demand due to people wanting to use their own vehicles over public transport.

Ensuring to comply closely with the guidance issued will build towards alleviating people’s fears about being in this close proximity and help to build trust. 

It’s also important to consider each instructor on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the risks are considered and weighted accordingly. As many driving instructors are self-employed, you will need to decide whether you’re happy to be in sustained close proximity to your pupils. 

Protecting your finances
Whether or not you currently have Driving Instructor Insurance in place, now’s a good time to check whether your existing cover is still suitable and if any changes need to be made to accommodate the new risks that you’re exposed to. At Weir Insurance, we can help you get the insurance protection need, talking you through everything you need to know in straightforward and jargon-free terms. To find out more, just call us on 01670 365620.