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Social & Digital - Matt Beeston

Hear more from Matt Beeston on the challenges he faced covering his digital marketing agency, Social & Digital

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Case Study

“I’m lucky I decided to give Weir a call” Social & Digital – Matt Beeston

1. Introduction – who are you and what do you do?

My name is Matt Beeston and I’m the owner and director of Social and Digital, a social media and digital marketing agency working with clients near Newcastle. I do a range of things within that, everything from having meetings with clients to discuss their needs to setting up campaigns, or co-ordinating with others to see it done to fit the client’s aims.

2. What’s special about you and your company/products?

Social and Digital is a local lead generation and marketing company that puts a focus on the personal touch. We always ensure that we pinpoint what the client needs, and that the client understands what they need to provide us with in order for their money to have the greatest effect. We take pride in not advising massive investment in a less than optimal strategy for the sake of our own income, and in making sure the option we offer clients is right for their business.

3. Why did you need an insurance broker & Why Weir?

Social and Digital is not, on the other hand, vastly knowledgable about insurance. To ensure my business was protected, despite knowing few practical details myself I was recommended to give Weir Insurance a call. Initially I was hesitant, thinking I could sort out a suitable policy myself, once I had recieved a little advice from my friends and contacts.

In hindsight, I’m lucky I decided to give Weir a call and ask them to look over what I needed, as although my contacts offered good advice, it was not the full picture. Almost immediately upon being told the needs and nature of my business, the superlative Kay was able to point out what I hadn’t been told, and where things may have gone horribly wrong should I have continued blindly.

Ultimately they have enabled me to continue to grow my business safely, and offer my clients everything from affordable social media campaigns to raise brand awareness for small businesses, to fully managed digital marketing packages including a range of social, search and content. All designed to bring a large influx of customers to your doorstep and allow you to keep growing. As we have, thanks to Weir!

4. What message/tips/products do you want to tell the world and my specifically all of my clients about?

I’m currently helping my clients with retargeted advertising, which involves showing FB ads to those who visit your site depending on the page they visited (so for Weir Insurance Brokers, if they visit the pet insurance page they’ll see a pet insurance ad, etc). Give me a call if you or any of your clients would like more information contact me or 07805100983